Idioma del juego

Hay muchos latinos que esperan por una versión en español, hasta cuándo trabajarán en eso?? Nuevos mapas y mundos en línea donde se puedan interactuar con todos al mismo tiempo

I don’t know if there will be language support for Dungeon Quest. I just use a translation app or Google Translation to read posts with other languages than mine.

Dungeon Quest 2, that the Dev’s are working on, is supposed to be multi player. @tdaniel , will there be multiple language support for DQ2 if it becomes necessary? there are a lot of players who don’t speak English who love to play DQ, and I think many of them are also just as interested in DQ2 as us English speakers.

some games have language dedicated servers and others translate languages to the players language of choice in the game. and the rest just want you to speak a certain language, usually the language of the country the game came from, or English, the so called Universal Language for some reason.


Yup, localization is a big reason we started making a whole new game actually (localization = supporting multiple languages).
With the way DQ1 was designed it was extremely difficult to support other languages. Some were not even possible to support. So when we started making the new game we made sure we thought about multi-language support from the start.


That sounds a huge task :astonished:

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Todos sabemos que un multilingüe atraerá más jugadores. El juego es muy bueno,no se puede negar que es adictivo. Pero al ser solo en inglés le resta puntos


Sí, creemos que más soporte de idiomas ayudará a más jugadores a descubrir nuestro juego.

Yup, we agree. More languages = more players = more content we can make


Will be awesome. If only if was possible to have live in game conversations with a translation process @tdaniel. I don’t think it can be done sadly.