If I have a full set of ascendents is this chakarm good?

ascendent never a good build… there was more good build for rouge… check the build compendium…

Actually, no. Ascendant is good but best on hireling and you need to know what you have in mind for the build (also wizards extra prismatic makes it better) but you can gain full effect from shock, ice damage buffs, plagued buff, all of the elemental critical buffs… Basically its just combining a lot of buffs together to creat lots of hits, each dealing a fair amount of damage. But dont try to build one unless you have experience with each element and know what affixes best increase damage

does it work with prismatic? i though the effect only works if you deal arcane damage

Also if i have arcane damage + and i trigger prismatic changing the element of my attack to ice do i still get the bonus?

Ascendant does work with prismatic actually. Arcane is just to boost the effect of ascendant by reducing resist of enemies by 62.5% at (5) but that effect is useless when you have ignore resist. The arcane boost is still there if u have ascendant and prismatic but as I said, the arcane boost is redundant if you have ignore resist. Only good use for arcane for it can be the amplify talent but even then.

Ascendant is good for a full elements build. In fact I have a temporary ascendant build for farming, (no plans to make extremely strong one yet). With wizard, ascendant or prismatic goes extremely well with the amplify talent as well as the stuff like plagued, frozen, high element crit chance (coat even) and ed% or 5000+ ed . Ascendant builds are extremely tricky to make and require very high experience in which works best.

Ascendant builds are good but they pale in comparison to builds such as green garden and hachimon as well as other pure element builds yet to be discovered and even builds that use just 2 elements such as fire and shock. It’s no good having frozen set and plagued set together because it’s just redundant and usually only one or the other is needed for specific builds.