All my items, builds and builds improgress from a year ago… I may as well be reading a Chinese article about whale hunting. It will take a good couple of hours to get back on track as to what I was aiming for. Though right now this seems pointless with the way many have reshaped and purposed their characters.

Apart from M\stones and crystals I’m headed towards a complete remake. Here go another good couple of hundered hours of gaming… Just to reach a point I already got to. =`(

Maybe one of these dumpster hackers could show me the art of …almost kinda being a hacker of sorts. Kinda.


Pity they’re too busy pretending to be legit. Some mediocre flaming would make for a good laugh by mediocre emulator enthusiasts.

Off topic… From off topic within a topic that is … Off. Any suggestions for SUPPORT warrior builds for 2v2 Arena?

No matter what AI I set it to, he just goes Rambo and defeats the purpose of my DMG hitters. (More for when my AI is versing other players instead of me versing AI)

Warriors in pvp… any skill that causes bleed. Immortals regenerate. You can’t regen when your bleeding. It’s like putting an hole in a bucket and trying to fill it with water