Ignore post, found my answer

Ignore post, found my answer

Yes. For fire, elemental crit does dictate whether the enemy will be immolated. Immolation DMG increases DMG dealt by immolate . Crushing flames at (5) deals 125% increased Immolation DMG so I think that 100% Immolate will become 225% Immolate which means it deals 225% of the fire dot damage (since it’s 100%×2.25= 225% {or 100+125%}) .

Blistering makes the Immolate deal % bleed damage. So 100% blistering means the bleed damage will be 100% of the Immolate damage. With Vampiric Touch that increases bleed DMG by 125% at (5) , that’s 225% bleed dot instead of 100% of the Immolate . 300% blistering would be 675% Bleed DMG for the bleed dot. Combined with rapid speed fire dot and Immolate for sure.

Sorcery at 20 already doubles fire dot effectiveness from 40% to 80% per second. Inferno set can make that 80% fire dot happen in half a second so every second, you deal 160% Fire Dot and in 2 seconds, 320% of the fire dot so that’s insane.

For example:

Lets say that fire damage is say 1B at 40% but at 80%, it’s 2B DMG since it’s doubled.

Immolate which has been increased to 225% Immolate instead of 100% Immolate.

2B×3.25= 6.5B DMG in immolate.

6.5B+2B= 8B total DMG in 0.5 seconds.

Blistering 300% but it deals 675% bleed DMG thanks to vampiric touch (5).

8B×7.75= 62B DMG in bleed dot.

Total is 70B . Although Blistering says bleed deals % of fire dot so I don’t think I’m correct in that regard but I thought that Blistering deals the amount Immolate dealt in bleed form.

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Oh nvm then.

Thanks CuzegSpiked. Your explanation was way more thorough then the 2 sentences in he dictionary for elemental crit.

So for a crushing flames (crushing damage) build, dot is pretty useless right? Since the mobs usually die so fast. i can probably take that 100% blistering affix slot and put it toward something else.