Ignore Resist vs. Weaken & Effective Guide by Mid (as of Patch 2.5)


So, who was right?
What’s the bug with Weaken and is the fix going to nerf it?
Can you update the OP with the final info?

Also, I don’t understand, some mods\devs behave like they’re testing the game too.
Aren’t they the same people who worked on the game originally? O_o


All of the DQMods are a part of the test crew for DQ but we’re mods as in moderators for the forums none of us work on the game in any official capacity so we have to test everything normally :smile:


My tests back up my first post (modified it a bit, in clearer wording). Effective + crystal Weaken is a great combination that is better than Ignore Resist in all cases I can imagine. Essentially one should use 2x crystal Weaken, to eliminate the chance in Weaken and to push damage a lot further.
The bug with Weaken is that it still states a Chance. I think a fix will eliminate the Chance and make Weaken even better, since then it would be a simple resistance reduction.


Basically the “cheap” option is Ignore Resist, but as you go maximizing the damage of your build you should go for 2x Weaken + Effective.

As I see it, the damage increase per slot is a lot better than with critical strikes, but I am still to write a full guide on damage maximization (when I find enough time).


Ahh, I see. Thanks


this theory hasnt been explored thoroughly. when you equip effective mythic, you will never proc any elemental critical. as i was told that having effective with poison cloud will proc a poison cloud varying elements. but being the case, having effective will remove your ability to proc elemental critical. i dunno if its intended or a bug


Effective removing ability to elemental crit is definitely a bug. You should be able to elemental crit with effective mythic.

Also I don’t know but would effective or high weaken work on enemies immune to frozen, poison, etc. I know ignore resist works against them very well . Also even then, my high frozen dmg kills enemies immune easily and the general billions of dmg and crushing blow.


having 2x weaken obsidian affix will make it add up having 180% resist weaken in total. not the chance to cast. therefore having 180%weaken amplifies your damage no matter if its effective against the mob or not. having said that, i havent observed how it behaves towards mobs where my element would be effective. i’m guessing it will just be as effective regardless of resist


Well I don’t know exactly what you’re telling me here. I tested it thoroughly, and it is how I described it. So did you test that you don’t ECrit with Effective? Or do you just think you won’t ECrit?


i was told effective will proc elemental crit with a different element, or element prior to what will be effective to the mob. just spent an entire day building a set for this, and got disappointed. i’m talking about 50+obsidians, 200+rubies, amethysts and more. to no avail that it would be effective


Sorry to hear that, who told you this? Effective changes the element only upon damage calculation, I didn’t check it but I’m pretty sure that freeze/cloud/paralysis etc. work normally and only when the damage is applied it’ll be changed to another element.

Remember: Always test. There is a lot of false/contradicting info wandering around this forum - if you want to know if something works test it in small, on low floors.


Yup. That’s a very good point. Making sure that everyone learns very well. Cronos creating that question thread was a good thing after all because like me and many people, he asked many questions before creating high quality builds. Always asking questions and finding out what’s right and wrong creates a very great player. Anyone can do it.


followed this


What part of what Clogon wrote is wrong now?


Saying poison cloud will proc but with different element. Effective will remove your ability to do elemental crit


When I find time I’ll have a look into this.


Please refer to the new (correct) guide:


Has this been changed in 3.0?

How does these 3 affect PvP? - Nvm, found this info


Ignore resist is much better


depends on the build. I have used Ignore Resist and Weaken on different builds. the good thing about IR is that it only takes up 1 space on your build. Weaken, if you want it to work well, needs 2 spaces minimum to be on 100% all the time, a 90% Crystal Weaken and 30% Epic Weaken or the Myth Stone that does 30% Weaken. the other good thing about Weaken, is when it is over 100%, it starts causing negative resistance to the enemy, so extra damage. so IR is good for builds with limited space for everything, and Weaken is good for builds built around it that want the extra damage.