I'm about to get my legendary pet any suggestions

I’d like to get my first eternal pet how I wish this drops can become eternal if there’s a way I’d like to know

Get a good one. :smile:

that Feat is a Legend Pet for sure, with a small chance for being Eternal. I guess have Eternalized Set affixes on your gear and Treasured Perk for best chance and your Luck as high as you can get it. if you go over a few pages to the right, those Enslaver Feats can get you an Eternal Pet, but those can only be done on floors 400+.


After reading through forum I decided to get monster boost from ads+eternal map m3 floor600

Is there a chance there

well, the Feat you posted can be done on any Floor, but the floor doesn’t matter as far as the chance to get Eternal Pets, I think. those other Feats I mentioned can only be done on floors 400+, so it only matters how much you want to fight to kill the Enslavers on floors way past 400-420.

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Eternal pets can drop any where and will level up with experience. So with your first guaranteed eternal drop down it on the highest floor that you can "EASILY " manage. Don’t get an unkillable mythic enslaver


Floor 100 any level. Or mythic 3 501+ for the most elusive merlin

Why you want eternal thou Legend pet is better more customizable base on your build. Eternal pet is more a collection or if you lucky at least 3-4 stats you need is in eternal pet.

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