Im already achive my goal. Top 1 Midoriya AU


hello skaul :slight_smile:


Check out my burst tank wizard @Midoriya.AU ma boy

Chamba. :mask:


@FairyTail I already defeat you in round 10 but for some reason i dont have screenshot of it maybe i do it later. You got a perfect counter for my build, Thinking i only got 10% change to defeat you as i expected for my mentor. However is not invincle after seeing it 4times already i can think of 1, 2 builds to counter it :star_of_david::facepunch:

As for now. Im going to make my 2 character achieve Accension 4


Okay okay… Don’t worry I will change my ai soon… The reason I release that ai. coz I want you to know that all build is have a weakness… In short. Your not the undefeated one…:blush: Its easy to defeat my ai. coz I don’t know how to set it properly. But I’m sure. I can easily kill your ai in round 1.:innocent: Just try to improve or make your own build and learn how to counter your all opponents and I will be very proud of you… BTW i still proud of you ma boy!:grin::point_up_2:


I also want someone to be my mentor :sob:. @auzlef011 could you pls adopt me.:tiger2: