Im already achive my goal. Top 1 Midoriya AU


I’ve already slew the top 1, Perhaps then i could rest and my goal finally complete. This my tribute for senpai Makarov and AUzlef the two elite builders of AU.

AU Prevail :facepunch::six_pointed_star:


Good job @Midoriya.AU. You have been playing for a while now. Welcome to the top. Now, we need about 86 more players in Eternal Division 1. :facepunch::+1:


@Mr_Scooty My pleasure. We’ve looking forward on your kraken build see you till then :six_pointed_star:


congrats! well deserved


Keep it up @Midoriya.AU. congrats


Nice!!! Congrats!!! :hugs:




Welcome to the Top! :grin:


Congrats bro!:fireworks::wink:


Congrats bro!:ok_hand: Nice I’m so proud of you… Alabyu!:joy:


Spread love and understanding and positivity :grin::+1::fist:
Once again congratulations in making it to the top!


I shall get there :slight_smile:


Go on @dickwad im still here :six_pointed_star::crescent_moon::wink:


I’m div 4 to five at moment :blush:


In two months I’ve played this game for a year. I want to dip my toes in div 1 for my first anniversary


@dickwad So i’ve played for so long. i bet you got some old vanity on character like " Summoner back" if you have that im envy at you :blush:

I been played DQ since last december and i dont have any idea about in the pvp league since then. Till i met some good friend here, they thought me about different kinds PVP builds step by step until i can make my own variation of it.

There a lot of goodbuild out there, Like HDR, Barrage, Stom, Bloody, Bleed, Bloodmagic, With a perfect Ai setting, Like camper and Aggresive but for me it depends on how you played your character you can counter it by using diffirent technique or using different types of builds.


A year already! But come to think of it, 3 years went by fast for me.


I’ve been playing DQ for almost 4 years :grin::grin::grin: I only reach top1 once and then quit PvP~ing then always farming the rest of the days.




Hello, old player. @Swens915

And congrats, newer player. @Midoriya.AU