I'm back again.....maybe

Been busy and kinda didn’t have time to create builds, just grinding floors and resources to past time. But now I think I have more time to make builds again though I’m not sure. I’ll try to at least make one and the one I have in mind is another Green Garden build for Wizard this time since someone needs help with this. If you don’t mind @Golem can you help me with this and give some tips on Wizard? I don’t really play the other 2 classes and always been a Rogue player. It would be nice to know what I need to know to make this build good on a Wizard.

from what I understand, the Green Garden Build works by getting to the Cartographer quickly while infesting as many enemies with Poison DoT with a low damage skill and take out the Cartographer with a high damage skill that does massive Poison DoT damage.

Plagued (5) or higher Set with +300% or higher Blight. Druidic set could be added, but it requires lots of Regen to work, might be better to use other damage multipliers if possible.

since it’s a Wizard, Sorcery 20 or higher to increase the Poison DoT by +100% or more, and Fester 20 or higher to get more Poison DoT a second for better DPS.

the rest of it is looking at the original GG Build and maybe doing tests/research of your own to see what works best for you.

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