I'm back ☺


hi guys and girls hope everyone is doing good though I’d come back from a long break looks like game has chaged a bit and I will need to update my builds :slight_smile:


w/b good to see ya again!


Hi. :slight_smile:


Thank you


Hiya :slight_smile:


Welcome back. Long time no see. Also ive been recently playing another game so much on my DQ break and it’s just as good. Eternium. Cupidstunts recommended it to me. I’ve also been playing some emulator games and of games alot too. I’m busy in the gaming lol.

How’s it going for you on DQ? I’m doing extremely well like always and I wish the best of luck to all.


Eternium M&M? If so, ass kickin game too :slight_smile:


OH my it’s been a long time!! Welcome back Jason!


Awesome welcome back dude!


Thank you


Thank You


Thanks iv been to busy to game lol will look in to that game too not to sure what I should do on dq now lol as lot has chaged mite have to update my builds again lol


Ok. Have you seen patch notes of patch 3.0


Not yet well have look at them later


Love that game bruh. But, also you gotta try the new released Torchlight on mobile!


Cool! Also Titan quest on mobile.


oooohh! Trying this now


That’s where I’ve been for past few months, Eternium. Can’t wait for MP! Game reminds me of Diablo II. What’s your forum name at Making Fun? Peacedawg here.


Same name as everywhere. Cuzeg Spiked lol.


I wanted to try torchlight mobile but after watching YouTube videos & reading reviews I lost interest. Everybody says it’s just another money grab. Also the voice acting is really REALLY bad. Hope when it comes to IOS they will have fixed the soft release issues.

Since you are actually playing it, what r your thoughts on game? Would appreciate a DQ players insight. Also, have you played Eternium? If so, which of the 2 do u prefer? Cheers!