I'm back


hello there

its been a while but I managed to get back.


Welcome back :slight_smile:


how’s things been? The pvp and stuff. I mean I did come on my discord group from time to time but yeah its been a while since I decided to go forums for whatever reason and DQ itself.

DQ2 still hype lel.

Edit: cool now I can see you are replying to me since it says so.


Well I got 3 characters that can solo in 1 v 1 eternal league. Got briefly to number 1 in 2v2 mythic division one. Still trying to make the smash build. Started rebuilding again after learning the ins and outs of immortal characters


hello @CuzegSpiked. its been a while :smile: any plans to raise rogue users flag again on arena? :smile:


Also i came back with so many unreads and also 40 notifications with some invite notifications too which was interesting.