Im confused

Does any body know. The formula for item drop with hireling?

It’s basically the same as Luck formula.

Hero item drops + Hirling Item drops /2 . Then add by +100% bonus Item drops over cap.

For example if main hero has 250% item drops and the hirling also has 250% item drops , it’s 500% item drops.

Then 300% item drops /2= 250% item drops. That’s if you used Epiphany . With item drops bonus of a 100%, that turns into 350% item drops which is possible.

You would need Epiphany on both characters for this effect. If however you didn’t use Epiphany, cap is 200% item drops but with 100% hirling item drops bonus, it’s 300%.

How to get? 200% item drops per character /2= 200% . That’s 400%/2= 200%. 200%+100% bonus = 300%.

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Ive only got 50% item drop on my hireling(affix) how much would it increase overall? Do i need to add another item drop affix on my hireling? Ive only got about 265% of item drop when i equip these two.

Btw my main has 250% item drop.

Ok i understand now

I see i also need another 250% for my hireling or i understood it wrong?
I have both epiphany in my characters



Thank you sir cuzeg

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You’re welcome :smile: . Comprehensive guide to farming affixes makes sure that the affixes for item drops are maxed out in stats page for Luck and Item drops like I have done.

Thanks hehehe that help me a lot.

P.S, the reason why my adventure page doesn’t look so maxed out is because I recently just remade my farm build and pets so I’d have to make sure everything is alright such as pet to level 100 but otherwise it’s fine.

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