I'm ready for the second slot


Hello mga pilipino gamers" i can make my owned. :muscle::muscle: duplicate for my next slot.






Pre pinoy din ako bat di gumagana pag globe gamit ko?. Palaging insufficient credit daw eh 80 pesos na Yung load ko nun eh


have you decided which Class for your 2nd slot? or are you testing to see which one goes well as Hireling with Wizard? 2 Hero Slots for Twice the Fun with DQ!!!


My second char are warrior sir.



nice. I am currently Ascending a Rogue & Warrior Team. I have played with a Rogue before I switched to Wizard, but I didn’t like Warrior when I first started playing DQ, so I have a lot of learning to do while I Ascend.


@kiane_zaine oohh bro’ 3-0 the build
Of @Itsmercy are not done yet! So you kiane are legendary player vs this new playazz are very not mached with you now. Hahaha take a year…
(Aba malay mo baka umasinso balang araw lagot ka.)


Teacher @Golem Hi Sir. allway you thier to teach every new payer Ina game always. Hahhaa i so very proud of you sir . (god blessed)…


You only need 3 character slots. After that it’s equipment management :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well, it was never my intention to get a second Character Slot, but it was so hard to choose a Class when I only had one Slot that eventually I got a second one, then a third, then I think I went crazy and got the last three, and the Auto Map and extra storage space, and then a few Vanity items…golly, I feel like an ad for DQ!!!