Immortal build help

I need help for an immortal build. I tried to build one, like mr scooty but it doesn’t work. All the time I am full of Mp and losing hp until I die. It doesn’t work. I am using alchemy with permafrost set and harmony. I don’t know what is wrong. There is not much work in this build at the moment,but I want to know if the base of this build I made is right…

Post your build maybe.

I tried to upload a video, but it says error

Ohh. The way I look at it you have lots of hp but have very little mp to have any health rebound effect from alchemy.

The hp and mp should at least be near equal for that to work. Your alchemy mythic will only generally fill up up to the extent of your hp and mp equality so your hp will only fill up to the amount of your mp which is very little as of the moment.

Speaking of armor, you also have little.

Are you willing to start all over again?

My first solution is to get as much armor and mp to offset the hp/mp disparity via Satyr Spirit Set and lots of flat mp and gold find affixes.

I’ll get back to you when I have time(if @Golem,et. al. does not help you soon enough).

Will that be for PVP or just for PVE tank?

No no, I only try another build. I know I need more armor, but first I try to unterstand how this build work. I think this build should be for PvP.

The post where the craft was shared provided extensive discussion on the matter.

Please check it again especially the fundamentals that should not be skipped at all.

Your immortal not complecatable so pm me i teach you. :handshake:


Excellent Hawkeye!

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I did some change but idk it is okay

I can’t say I am really good with PVP Builds, @Necus , but you should have 3x Crystal Luck & 3x Crystal Gold Find for Satyr’s Spirit & Faun’s Gift.

get a Legend Spirit of the Faun, so you can get rid of the Exp Gain & Arcane Resist affixes. don’t forget to get your +2 All Sets off of the Eternal Ring so you can put it on the Legend Ring.

Warriors are all about Armor, HP, and Block. you should replace Scoundrel & Spell Sword with something else. there are other Sets than can improve MP better or just as good as Spell Sword for your Alchemy. this will leave you with Battle Mage with Charge & Whirlwind Skills on your MH.

not much, but hope it helps a little.