Immortal enemies

Sometimes when I kill a lot of enemies at once some (like 2 or 3 at a time) become immortal.
What I mean by immortal is they don’t have health bars, aren’t affected by neither taunt or fear,but earthshatter still cracks the ground towards them and they also keep the poison appearance permanently. They also don’t get hit at all and (generally) don’t attack either.
I say generally because just yesterday I was doing a map with 80% pack size so there were a lot more enemies and it happened again, but in this case the lair druids (or whatever the ones that fire projectiles in the forest theme) kept attacking, and because the challenge map also had 200% enemy DoT and I don’t do too well in the health department, I lost my free revivals and worse, when I found the cartographer and attacked him with a bunch of enemies around, once again some enemies glitched too, but they also kept attacking so I died 3 more times and couldn’t separate them from the cartographer because they walked at the same speed so I had to buy a new map on the same level and waste overall around 1 mil in gold I was trying to save.
Maybe it has something to do with the lag I cause when killing many enemies at a time or maybe it’s something else.

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Sometime your summoned fury can also become like this. Rather than immortal, I would say this monster became ghosts that haunts you :ghost:. Although the chance to become like this is high only in pack size I think :thinking:

it all depends on your device. if you do a Search :mag: on Ghosts and/or Zombies, you will learn a lot about this.

one way to get past this is go to options and lower screen fx or anything else that would slow things down. check to see if any other apps are running. Wi-Fi off instead of on.

the device I am using now starts getting Ghosts & Zombies at about +125% to +130% Pack Size (max is +150%), so I usually use Diamond to get it around +100% to +120% when I am Farming. it took some time to test what Pack Size my device could handle before the annoying Zombies & Ghosts start to haunt me.

another thing is that you can lead them to one part of the map, then run away and leave them behind.