Immortal headache

I’ve been afk-ing mythic arena for a bit and I feel like I’ve got the damage avoided down but how to increase my HP regen to the crazy immortal levels? I need to build a complete set to.try this and I don’t feel like going through all the trouble before I try just asking…

If I use 6 returns (10% of incoming damage, each, is converted into mana) on my gear and have the resource system set to something like blood damage, does that mean 60% of damage would HEAL me as mana = HP?

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Even more of a headache… I capped hp regen and it still isn’t all that fast. Gonna try epiphany


There is a cap, in the arena, for MP Absorb at 16%. If you look at the first image below, Mythstones are scaled by 70%. This means your 10% Return Mythstone will become 3% MP Absorb.

Your overall damage reduction is ~68.5% and it appears you’re using Equivalence Mythic with Druidic HP Regen. Try to have 6 or 7 Flat ED affixes on your character. This means Epic 5000 Shock damage on each gear (Mainhand Weapon, Offhand, … Pet). This will become 1040 ED on each gear in the arena. That should get your damage up much higher and help you improve your MMR.


Right now I’m just trying to figure.out how a lot of the people I was going against in immortal arena heal so fast despite doing much damage or anything. Even at epiphany (5) HP regen seems to still cap before it reaches anywhere near the speed a lot of people heal.

Based on my prior usage of Druid HP Regen, the arena cap is ~12,000/second.

Take a look at a link below where i describe HP Regen PvP set bonus activation in the current meta. I will also post some other helpful links below.

Your sets (elixir mythstone and legend set affix) is capped at 2 in the arena. This means if you have one Druidic set, it would become Druidic (3)


Omg dude! you are really quick at understanding and executing fundamentals of the game. I congratulate you for your efforts