Immortal Ideas and questions

Hi guys just going to ask few things regarding my Idea
Does mp absorb considered as an mp restoration effect?
Does mp absorb works with energy?
Does it works with harmony?
Cause I’m planning to use hunger set and masochism.
Are those two sets rollable by amethyst?
Ty in advance and happy gaming😊

Answers are all ‘no’

Mp absord = absorb some damage and convert it to mp.

Immortal build was destroid in the last update, so…
The anser to all of those questions is no.

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You are correct @ZOMBOY alchemy + MP Absorb does not work on this patch and in the future. Other methods to become immortal were eliminated as well.


I still have a Immortals build on my sleve, the thing is, is only Immortals if im playing whyd it on arena, i left her there, che dies in round One :joy:!, But still have One tho :sunglasses:!

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Verry I miss imortal build of Mr_scooty so much.


I think immortals could have balanced the godly damage of mythitech, I want to see that, but sad to say it will never happen.