Immortals are on PVE too?

i just wondering if this is a bug or a feature to made farming more challenging because they are ruining my hireling’s AI my hireling keeps attacking them that’s why i can’t farm more quickly :joy: if this is a bug is there a way how to fix it?

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That is a game feature, you can’t fix it


i knew it :joy_cat: thanks lol :joy_cat:

So what now are they ghosts of the enemies :joy_cat:

yes. usually it has something to do with how good your device is and how many monster there are on the map. Pack Size maps tend to have from a few to lots of ghosts. I try not to get a Pack Size so high that I get lots of ghosts. there are ghosts that follow you around, follow and attack, invisible, invisible and attack. if map has movement speed for the monsters, they will be hard to get away from. if they died from an Ice attack, that will slow their movement speed. if you do a search on Ghosts or Zombie monsters, there are some good posts. CuzegSpiked did a lot of research on the subject and posted his findings. I just did a search with @CuzegSpiked Ghosts, and he has 2-3 posts on the subject, check them out.

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Yea me too. I think its a bug. Thats a real struggle when your on floor hike.:joy: i thought im alone wid dat struggle.:joy::joy:

yup, the Dev’s can only do so much on their end, from what they have replied, with out compromising the game. so it ends up us players doing what we can on our end. if your Main can get away from the Ghost fast enough, the Hireling will go to you, hopefully before getting killed by a mob or killer ghost.

Im so sad when my hireling all time hitting ghosts xD or skullshield.

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I know. I didn’t use a Hireling for a long time because of the Ghosts, but now it is just crafting the Hireling to survive enough to get to my Main, when I have taken my Main to another part of the map that has no Ghosts. I’m just Ascending my extra Character slots, so not to many worries at the moment. but Ghosts still cause problems on the Pack Size maps. :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :crossed_swords: :head_bandage:

The one way to avoid this issue (especially on pack size maps) is to defeat the enemies as you find them on the map, do not kyte(kite) enemies together.

When you pull multiple enemy groups together it can put a lot of performance strain on your device. Depending on the device you have it could cause some of these “ghost” enemies to appear.



thanks @tdaniel, I was wondering why I have ghosts on some high Pack Size maps and none on the same high Pack Size maps. I was starting to notice this difference, but I don’t do Pack Size so often that it would have stuck in my head. :confused: :slight_smile:

zombie bug

Immortals do not work on farming high floors. Full stop