Important note on affix and dps!

DPS is a bit of a mystery. Here is why:

Affix TESTED: Atk Spd +15% on wand: 3x15%(0.15) = 0.45, thus the outcome SHOULD be 3.45, however, I noticed when testing the same affix on a gauntlet the affix pretends it is multiplying attack speed as if the base weapon’s speed were 2.5 and adds the modifier to the attack speed displayed, thus reducing damage potential in the wand (base speed of 3.0) and increasing damage potential of the gauntlet (base atk speed of 1.5) 15% atk speed will add +0.38 atks/sec on all weapons, regardless of base attack speed of the weapon. Not sure if this is intentional, and done for simplicity, but I thought I would bring up that fact because this affix can be of greater use on slower, higher base damage weapons.

DPS displayed on the weapon may be somewhat skewed to appear high… Here’s why:

Gauntlet at lv 100, base attack is 6240 to 10400… DPS reads 15.6K… A bit of an oddity isn’t it? because the average damage/sec multiplied by weapon speed (1.5 in this case) = 12,400… but if you take the max attack of the base damage and multiply it by 1.5 then it reads as 15.6k… This is causing issues when I try to take the affixs to a calculator to calculate DPS. So, is the displayed DPS supposed to be MAX dps, as opposed to average DPS?

I will continue testing affixs and their association with weapon DPS. If I happen to find discrepancies along the way, I will continue to post them here so they can be noted to be fixed as you proceed with the next patch. Thanks for the great game, keep up the awesome work!


  • bolt chance actually subtracts DPS from the stat page DPS… This was tested using 2 level 100 disenchanted gauntlets, then enchanting one of them with the ONLY affix on it being + 1 to bolt chance. The +1 to bolt chance drastically reduced stat page DPS. Both gauntlets were of the same element, so that other equipment would not interfere with the DPS.

Thanks for the great post and in-depth research.

So in short are you saying that i stopped using my gauntlet becauss i thought it was weak. Even though it had +2 bolt. And that it just doesnt show up right on stats page.
And does the bolt issue apply to my wand with +2 bolt ?

Applies to anything with +bolt chance. For some mathematical reason it is subtracting the +bolt chance damage from the dps pool instead of adding to it. My testing is showing it to be linear(although I only have two nearly identical wands to choose from). If anyone else has a wizard and items to help verify this, please lmk what your results are.(you can just quote this and say “linear. Verified.” Or whatever your findings.)

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