In game dmg calculator?

Does damage calculator in game are 100℅ accurate? The. DPs/Protect/HP should I trust this calculator if it say my DPs will go down if I use another item.

Does it calculate a damage like elemental damage also weaken and other combo stuff.

Yes. DPS formula is correct and it does include the other stuff like Weaken, Glasscannon, Push the Limit and many other things. What begins is the power stat points, the bwd of weapon (high base damage), WD%, ED%, then the other damage affixes from sets , crystal affixes, natures and legend affixes, then lastly attack speed since it increases the attacks.

Formula: Say gauntlet has bwd 10400. Then you have power 103 which is 7725 dmg.

10400+7725= 18125 dmg. Then 200% WD . This is 18125×(1+200%)= 54375 Dmg. Or 18125×3= 54375 as its the same thing

Next comes 5000 WD but for this example i don’t include so Weapon Quality comes next.
Weapon Quality will be included. This is 54375×(1+25%)=67968.75 . Or 54375×1.25= 67968.75 . same thing.

67968.75×(1+300%)= 271875 dmg. This is same as 67968.75×4 . 300% ED is a nice way to gain a dmg boost but you can add more if you feel or less if you don’t want all 3 for the build.

Next the 5000 ED but i wont include for this example for PvE.

This is my way of simplifying formula.

Real formula: (Bwd+power×(1+WD%)×(1+25% WIQ )+WD) ×(1+ED%)+ED×(APS). Of course level of weapon counts too so level 100 BWD is ideal. Then after the formula, you multiply the dmg with other affixes.
For PvP, its best to not use %WD or % ED and just use Flat 5000 ED (1040 in pvp) because of the items being level 20, mainly due to slot saving and damage reasons. p

Then we include other things like Glasscannon 50%, Momentum 50% dmg with 100% move speed, elemenral crits, crits, deadly strikes, MH and OH DMG, etc.

Thank you very much

Good to hear then it calculate all because I’m bad at math he he so many numbers can’t process them all.

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They call me Cuzeg Calculator Spiked for a reason :smiley: . I was inspired by cronos calculations also. I remember me getting brain hurts and it was around the same time i studied math.

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