Increase DPS

can you post your build here??

I admit I need much more hp+mp (400k to 500k)

wow ish so cool. i have 1.2m max damage with brutal and 2x 225% crit damage. i relied on glass cannon and movespeed for momentum

use ragnarok and scrap everything except defiant and +100wep damage. now you add +5000wep damage from epic. put on deadly strike crystal affix +30%. if your weapon has 40.3k dps written on it you’re already there. either you get twister, whirlwind, multishot as your special skill

can u post u set kokah :)laughing:

You are a poison user but you just have 1 item with poison damage increase. I suggest changing some stats to poison damage will definitely increase your damage output.

Well…hmm…i just add +2 set…and it skyrocketing!!!

now my set all +5

Here is my current warrior build using poison. I just hold sprint and run right at the groups of enemies. Damage hits for about 25M standard, with deadly cries that have hit over 1B. I am currently at floor map 502 on mythic 3 and I can kill a mythic spawn in under 5 secs, and clear large pack size maps in about 2 minutes without dying. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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What is your pet?

@AntiKhrist I got pretty lucky with this one…

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im using spike and cerberus(SWAP between them sometimes)

Try changing your stats to full power. For your mp prob, change your ring or helm to energy so you never run out of mp. And focus on only one element like poison or fire.