Increase DPS

Newbies Here Need Help~~i have no idea how to increase it anymore…need help(alter everything also one option)this my build(only been played for 5 month)at best only 7~9m

crit ba yung 7-9m?

english please…did you get the pic??

sorry… 7-9m is that the crit?

yes it is

Can i see your damge?

maybe your stat buildup is not right for your characters items

why is that ??

sorry can’t help you with that im not a warrior character user… rogue and wizrd only

can i see your rogue build??i now building all classes(nvm if you cant help wit it~i dont even know what to do@_@)

as of now… my build is all messed up… cause i got inventory issues the other day…

ouh…nvm then~hoho

for pvp item build?

hmmmm…i been thinking to speed up chalange map(i now floor 260)now i only can going strong at lagend difficulty…never try myhtic though…for pvp…never win on 1vs1 but so-so with 2vs2(having rogue helpful!)

for farming try changing your items skills to storm then go find items that has a crushing blow affix…

ouh~thanks for the opinions

then if you want to survive to higher floor maps increase your hp and resists… then better to have bloodmagic and hp steal affixes

i tried the blood magic but it seem faster to die than the normal build…i dont know why

My warrior has 100% fire damage on chest, horn and head (total 300% fire damage, 80% immolate, 254% Blistering, 150% bleeding damage, Rupture mythic on chest armor) 39.9M whirlwind, 17.6M cleave, 7M sprint, 3.1M torrent

Blood magic can be good but it will cost you double in using attack (Your hp+mp can reach at 400k if proper affixs are used).
You can use +2 all sets to increase your benefit from Living Force(become +5), Momentum (become +5), rage (become +5), Aethereal Drain (become +5)