Increase range?


I wanted to ask about range

What is the biggest range skill?
How can you increase range, projectile speed?
Reason is rogues own my wizard (im a newb but I can’t even fire stuff)

Flintlocks Ricochet Skill has the best range in the Arena. some Skills get extra Projectile Speed when you put Points into the Skill. Wizards Special Skill Timewarp (Timewarp Proc for Warrior or Rogue) can increase the speed of some Projectiles.

I use Wizard in the Arena at the moment, and having enough Healing, Health, Damage Reduction, and some type of fast movement, helps to get close to the Silly Camping Rogue and drop a Storm on her. of course, if it is a good Camping Rogue, I don’t always get the win.


Basically it’s what @Golem says. But if somehow you can add storm to a build ( without doubt your greatest ranged attack ) then any ranged attacker becomes very menacing.