INFB question

well, after a long long long break from mobile games i figure’d id log back into dung quest and i noticed your forums has changed quite a bit i dont wana sit and browse for hours on end for a certain questions so here it is

Will the Build that insta kills (INFB) be patched? i grinded hard for the gear to acquire such a build and was curious

-Also i read about the Arena cheaters and what a DQ staff said “you will play with the rest of the cheaters”
how would we know if were are set with them? ingame message/mail? or would the game just become unplayable?

Also if this build that allows you to 1 hit (infb) i could re-release it, i mean if it isnt going to be patched…im talking about PVE not PVP ofc.

i could just retired my 1 hit character and play somthing else, but is there going to be any PVE updates soon? like eh bosses/certain challenges upon completion giving a or eh Mythic+ boss? i still 1-3 hit the mythic bosses the pet boss i think it is, also is there going to be a feature to just Auto sell yellows and lower on pickup? i dont even clear my inv half the time im tired of picking up and my imp cant seem to keep up…(i got them nikes)

What is INFB means bro?

hmm a build i put together awhile ago i think the element dmg /element somthing on there is making my dmage numbers not show i think its over the cap for damage or simple a minor glitch? i dont wana label it a “glitch” due the the fact i dont want it nerfed or taken away from me cause lets be honest if that happens ill go find a new game to play.

had this on my tablet, went to go get it for my phone for on the go downloaded the game+ data now went back to my tablet now i gotta wait 3 hours to play :unamused:

KEEP in mind this is a PVE build im almost 100% certain it doesnt work in arena never tried and dont care to.

I have an INFB PvE build. Look up Seasonal Maiden build. It’s technically an INFB build or almost insta kill without crushing blow.

hmm… looking over my set and yours mine looks diffrent… also you went frost from the pictures provided. survival better then plagued?

Well frozen does freeze all enemies , especially the almost immune to everything worms (they are immune to every Cc stun like effect except frozen unless they have Frozen immune).

Do note however that Frozen immune doesn’t stop the high DMG exponentially and when enemies Freese,a DJ explodes the DMG Increase exponentially like Plagued with the added ability of extra survival and high Frostbiting per explosion as well as demonic and other things.

hmm rubys can roll weapon dmg? or is that a affix on a red that cant be rolled onto it?
i dont wana burn up the last of my gems trying to roll for somthing i cant get

Nope. Ruby’s cannot roll weapon damage and elemental DMG . Only found on certain legendaries but luckily many have them.

Epic affixes roll weapon DMG and elemental DMG but the ED% of epic affix is very low at 20% as opposed to 100% legend affix. Weapon DMG is 100% on the epic affix which is good and it’s basically like the old legend 100% WD before it got buffed whereas it used to be 50%.

hmm k thanks, is the weapon dmage needed to make the Frozen build good? or can i subsitute it with eh elemental dmg and or crit?
or should i just hunt down a 100% weapndmg weapon, also why not a bow instead of a chakram?

Both weapon DMG and elemental DMG is needed . Elemental critical obviously so you can freeze enemies with ice .

Chakram is much better than bow Discordance since chakram has 300% base DMG and with Discordance, that gets applied to my orb. Then thanks to Discordance , my orb gets multiplied by Multi Attack, Extra attack. It’s basically almost like an OP primary skill that hits 10+ times a second.

Orb with Multi Attack, Extra Attack, Mutilate 20 , Hero points via 2× 5+ All Skills mythstones , +10 orb on pet, Identity set (works on orb since orb is a wizard skill on rogue) and push the limit.

With all that in mind, I managed to get up to 8000%+ MH DMG and it’s per 0.1 seconds or 10 hits a second. Well actually 0.08 seconds at 20 hero points in orb so it’s basically 12/13 hits a second of huge MH% DMG.

If Timewarp still worked on Orb when it was a projectile status before that status was removed in patch 3.0, orb would have got even more insane MH% through discordance build . Would have been like 16k Mh% or more. If cosmic power, yep even more than 16k MH% but rather 24k MH% per 0.1 seconds orb. That is the most overpowered way to get DMG and last for 2k+ floors or more. Even with Timewarp no longer effective on orb and Living Force and cosmic power, orb is still super powerful on rogue.

Orb is very powerful on wizard but because of the 300% base MH DMG on chakram Discordance that gets multiplied , I get more insane DMG than ppl already got with OP wizards so it’s basically a successor to Frozen Throne and it was my dream come true.

Even in arena I get around 1600% MH which is very powerful and hits really hard. It’s still powerful even against today’s arena and immortal builds , provided some builds need more draws. That’s with my will of the force build.

Even as a tanky orb build its still very competent and even more powerful than the rogues who just spam chakram and cosmic orb but all 3 (orb, cosmic orb and chakram for DPS).

your killing me smalls… i just crafted a bow… haha guess i shouldnt have jumped the gun thats my fault… not like farmin one will take long or atleast i dont think it will also i noticed eh “ice DMG%” isnt a rollable affix must be a red with the affix already correct?

Yep. Not rollable from ruby.

haha burning up all my gems for a build i basicly already have just wanted to see the Freeze in effect and still be able to do my usual maps

XD. Bow is still very very powerful though. It used to have really long range at one point as well but it’s still a very powerful primary skill at floor climbing and Frozen.

Skilled mythic which doesn’t work on special skills even with discordance mythic but always works on primary skills such as guidedshot , hero points for guidedshot , multi attack , extra attack , push the limit, potential Timewarp with cosmic power (cosmic power is optional and not always needed but helps alot).

yeah i never bother’d with the freeze was more of a plagued guy but i burn the gems i have somthing to farm for again.

Yeah but poison has been nerfed lol. At least the triggerings of poison cloud but Frozen hasn’t been nerfed yet ,although it really takes so much effort to really make the most of Frozen like Plagued.

Although plagued is still OP. My insane seasonal Maidens build could easily be switched to poison and destroy up to 2k+ floors without crushing blow if you want as well.

Just switch Frozen for plagued, gear into poison and watch the magic.

i have so much space for extra affixes though with plagued… i even took off almost -1 to -2 affixes of dmg for EXP gain and item drops…but i was guna throw together a Eternal farming set instead of the %item drops.
ALSO does the ehh how do u spell it…Nadroji does that help in getting legendary map?

haha im guna make both sets i dont play warrior or my wizards anymore… although the teleport splat was ok.

The ONLY thing that will help get legendary maps is feats. They don’t drop from other means apart from feats.

As far as everything else in rarity, INVEST in high Luck and especially high Item Drops to increase many drops .

Nadroji is only helpful in getting legends only found from Powerful enemies aka Rare legends from epic+ enemies in shrines or cartographers . Hunter ring or Ascension perk and Enshrined Perk is great with that.

Rare legends that only found on epic+ enemies means legends like Defiant legends for example , Ragnarok, malestrom, etc.

There is Nadroji bonus which is very nice but only until you’re rich and then it becomes less useful over time but still helpful.

hmm im currently 2 pieces of the 7 deadly set that worth trying to make good? i seen a pink affix and banked it i didnt know what was up haha(as u can see its been awhile since i played this)

also ehh does permafrost go with frozen or just frozen itself?

Pink affix is negative if you read the description of what the negative effect is and the grey thing is the Bonus.

The bonus is also known as dependant affix since it’s dependant on Sets or other requirements.

Bonuses show up as green when activated . For seven deadly sins, you need to activate bonus to even make full use of the seven deadly sins but generally not usually worth a seven deadly sins other than for fun, collection or if you really like seven deadly sins. It’s a good experience farm build though for damn sure due to the effect of seven deadly sins to increase EXP but a nice farmer build too. Not the most recommended unless you want quick and easy build with low effort.