Information needed on updates


I’ve played this game for a while now, used to play it for quite some time when it first came out, switched to iPhone and forgot about it, but picked up an android again a few months back and got back into it a lot.

I’ve ascended my warrior 3 times, my rogue and wizard twice each and I have played through to the eternal league and am currently working my way to the eternal league again.

I’ve completed about 90% of the legend codex and simply upgrading my dps to kill them faster than the half a second I already kill everything in seems quite pointless.

My question is; Will there be any new updates? If so, how far are we from a ‘major content’ update like some new kind of pve maps or a new element, perhaps an actual themed dungeon or raid? Maybe a new character class. I’d love to see a couple of new classes like a beast master that can use a 2nd pet that can attack, or maybe something like a shapeshifter.

The only reason I ask is that I can barely pick up the game now which makes me sad because I love Dungeon Quest but it’s basically over for me in such a short time. I’d love to see this game expand some more, it has so so much potential.



What floor and difficulty are you currently playing on?

Currently on floor 650 or so on mythic 3, simply making the enemies harder to kill by going further in maps or making them easier by further upgrading my gear with what’s available just isn’t interesting enough to warrant me playing still, that’s why i believe there needs to be more content.

I know that once I hit floor 1000 there’s not gonna be some extra new content, just that the mobs will be harder.

There are new items at 750 (for wizard, anyway), but yeah, it is true that this game is grindy and repetitive. You could choose, instead, to focus on PvP, but that has its limits as well. There have been pretty major updates pretty recently, and no patch preview is currently out, so I would expect an absolute bare minimum of 3 months before we see any major changes. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is more like 6, though.

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