Both map are 2600+ (converted map)

Yeah i dont know how did i get those dmg my meteor and storm dps (stats window) are 6m and 5.4m only.

The highest dmg that i saw is 98xxx.xxxB

At first i dont believe it but i realize that im running in 2600+ floor and i can able to kill the mobs.

I die alot so im trying to improve item so that i can able to hold atlist die less.

This the part where you need to balance your damage affixes and make sure you can survive and clear the map efficiently. Trillion damage is useless if you’ll end up like that and spend too much time on the map. = ) Use smoke screen set affix and smoke bomb proc it’s perfect for aftermath build

I will try.

Also i wanna thank you for your guide :slight_smile:

If you plan to go higher you’ll need Dodge.

does crit chance, crit dmg & deadly strike works on poison cloud? Coz cloud is a elemcrit right…

Yes they all work together ^^

Hi guys I’m new to forums so I don’t know if this is the right place to ask if it’s not sorry. My question is how do convert maps I tap the convert function and it only says unable to convert because map is already at highest floor level

That only means your current floor map is your highest floor reached. You need to surpass that floor before you can convert it.

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Scenario: you have been to floor 600. You buy a map at floor 100. You can convert to 600.

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My avalanche build hireling is still at floor 750ish and only die when stepping on those lava-like attack by monsters. Loving my Avalanche build, hides behind the smoke 99% of the time. :smiley:

Dead dps is no dps, just saying