Insight and Dodge Limit

Can Insight make you exceed the Dodge cap of 75%? For ex. I have 10% dodge on all six equips = 60% + 10% base Dodge = 70%, if I dodge one attack would that make my Dodge exceed 75% and go to 90%? (Assuming Insight is at 20) Like how Frenzy allows you to exceed the Atk Spd cap.

Nice question, too bad no one answered yet!

Nope, it’s still capped at 75 even with Insight. :smile:

awww, no 100% dodge rate?

Come on, it would be too much overpowered :wink:
Also with “block” or “pathfinder” or “permafrost” it’s already easy to make unkillable characters :smile:

If insight overcaped,u couldn’t go higher than 94% with 40 insight and 8 epiphany