Insolence is only missing in my set huhuhuh

Where i can get insolence easy plsss give me some tips
Im farming in 191-200 but no insolence
Im so posess to insolence
Nasan ka magpakita ka hehe

Just stay there, with proper gears you can find that one!
Kaya yan laban lang! XD

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Nadroji, Crystalline, Eternalized, Lock, GF, ID, floors 191-200, and pray.

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dont give up bro. kaya mo yan!

Pinoy din pala to oh haha may 5 na pinoy na akong kakilala ngayon sa forums haha

Well RNGods will smile upon you. #puso

haha madami bro. sali ka sa fb group nmin search mo pinoy dungeon quest group

Done requesting :smiley: ngayon ko lang to nalaman ah haha

Rng god certainly smilaed on me. Just to make some of you feel jealous, I got 5 insolance and probably 6-7 mutinys farmed from just constantly farming with max gear provided I use hunter ring as well. Also I got over 8 nadroji robes inclueing 1 eternal nadroji robe, 6 malestrom slicers maybe including a malestrom lance, quite a bit if nadroji rings, same situation with nadroji amulet, 4-5 nadroji caps, finally got my first vaccus scipio wizard version, got a wizard ragnarom too. Most of my insolance, mutiny and nadroji cap are rogue item though but I still think that is something to be proud of. Have maxed luck, maxed gold find, maxed item drops and both hirling with max affid and you will get deliciously many rare legends. Also factor in how fast your farm because I farm at 3-5 minutes per floor on average and also you must exploit everything. From hunter ring to loot feats to ad boosts constantly and find other exploit as long as it isn’t cheating. Only exploit what the game offers to you and no messing with game mechanics or hacking. Just a simple hunter ring, farm farm farm and maxed farming affixes on proper farming gear. If you want dmg, hirling can do dmg with its farming affixes on it. From me , sprint proc plus meteor proc plus aftermath with poison clouds is what makes me fast and destroy enemies si quickly and get so much gold per floor. Obviously hilring does the major job as well.

To get this many rare legends, you need to fast farm, ALWAYS USE HUNTER RING, maximum luck with nadroji, eternalized and crystalline for other reasons, eth, eth. Key point is max affixes 4 life. Ofc if 2.1 come out, use treasured, enshrined, fortunate, dealer,hunter and accomplished to maximize your farming at 2.1. In my personal opinion, enshrined is the best one in terms of easy exp fafming. Just get exp farming gear after you ascended, refresh loading screen until you get exp shrine which fan do 300% effectiveness so 25+300=325% expbokst to the already 175% exp boost which would be like 500% exp boost and if you get exp boost on add, it doubles and you essentially get 1000% expboost and you will level up like mad if you use it correctly and if that method actually works. Would be easy way to keep perk levelling up even if its a big grind. Btw does hirling exp boost affect mains exp so it gets boosted or does main character exp boost work for hirling as well. Also can exo boost be averaged between each other so each character has 200% exp boost if both charcaters exp boost stacks. Developers finally made exp useful again!!! Thank you forever! Also an exploit in farming to get the best gold is just get gold ad boost if your lucky and use it on a packsize map with thr best affixes and get 4 mil gold with the right farming gear. That what happened to me though :). Item rarity probably immensely affect rare legend chance because legend come out so much more. Legend maps are probably the best way to find rare legends and crystal legends or eternal legends because the amount of legends that drop there is super crazy with 200% item drops.

Max mo lang luck mo naroji5 140-160 mytic 2 :smile:

You are really making me jealous about you bro. lol

sama mo na ko sa kakilala mo haha. ako #6 kac fave no. ko ang 6

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Madami na ako kilala ngayon kasi nasali na ako sa fb group :smiley:

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sayang haha. pero mabuti arami ka na kilala :smile:

Kaya nga hehe kasi kala ko konti lang pinoy sa forums english2 kasi dugo2 na ilong ko xD

pero kasama sa rules yun haha. baka mawarningan tayo lahat dito ah haha

English pls

Oooops sorry admins devs mods, for not using english, it wont hapen again sorry,

so many Philippine… is there any malaysian then…?? :frowning:

It’s fine. Add a translation next time please.

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