Insolence skull drop


hi im looking for insolencr skull so i can use jasper to make it a horn for my warrior.

is it better to hunt it at floor 200 m3 or in floor 350 m3 ?

thanks in advance


Floor 200. The minimum floor requirement will always be better for specific items because the item pool increases as you increase floor number.


noted sir thanks for helping


Sure thing, man. Check here for a good bearing on a few things:


perfect roll


did you jasper it ? how lucky you are turned into a horn and it was supposed to be a hatchet. Defiant item with Sprint and torrent so sick.


Also your eternal map smells good. Wahahaha


skull(wiz) - horn(war) - trap(rog)


hatchet(war) - manashield(wiz) - mirror(rog)


Ahh ok.


how long did you farm for insolence skull ?


There’s no problem farming those Insolence. Just max your Luck % and increase your Ultra-rare legend find via Nadroji set affix (with Treasured perk) after that, finding it will be easy af. I have tons of them in my bags and got bored of the drops already.


this luck sir ?


Yes. That’s it. With Fortunate Perk it should reach 850%. If want it to go beyond cap use Epiphany to reach out an average of 1012% together with the hireling.


as of the moment i only have 825% luck for drops


You might also try equipping the Hunter Mythic on one of your rings then just bounce from map to map killing only Epic+ monsters from shrines. Just a tip to possibly help you speed up the finds


thanks sir this is what ive benb doing since i read your guide maybe im just not that lucky


When you get the Enshrined ascension perk it’ll go quicker. I learned not to dilly dally at all once the epics are killed move on asap and I didn’t bother killing the Cartographers since they’re often far away from the shrines


yes sir actually i think i already killed 3 mythics on the process of hunting insolence skull still no luck


Make sure then that you have Nadroji equipped and of course max your Luck and Item Find %s. Buy lots (15-25 at a time) of floor 201 maps, ignore the affixes on them since they don’t matter for your purposes and just open-activate all shrines-kill & repeat.

I say Floor 201 because I never found out whether or not Legendary items that say e.g. “Found past Floor 200” meant that Floor #200 itself would be able to loot the item, so I always just went up 1 just in case. :slight_smile: