Internal cooldowns

I know that stealth has an internal cooldown. Are there any other proc abilities that have internal cooldowns? Let’s say I have 50% coat proc, does that mean on average I would have coat applied on every 2 hits or is there a cooldown inbetween?

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It says “Chance to cast proc x on Attack per second”. If the game mechanics should follow that meaning then that means it can only proc once per second or maybe it should have an internal cooldown of 1 sec

EDIT: I came to this conclusion because I tried to use this for my bow build and it sucked a lot (at least that’s the case for me).

I put on two items with bomb proc and there doesn’t seem to be even a 1 second cooldown as they seem to proc as fast as I can spam my abilities. I guess maybe it’s the same for coat but unfortunately I’m not sure how to tell if it’s proccing since I crit so often with or without it.