Internet Speed for PH DQ broadband user

I want to share some tips to make net speed stable for hiking in the PVP arena i tested it 3days and it helps a lot i use VPN turbo to stable the internet to avoid loss connection and lost trophy and MMR during the battle hope it will help you :heart_eyes:

you can suggest some VPN for better connection for now i only use VPN TURBO its available in Google playstore

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tested it 3days and later will visit again arena

How about cyberghost? Thatโ€™s a VPN service I use.

i will try to download it bro is that available in playstore? with vpn i can go anytime in the arena without worry in connection lost

Yep. Of course

i will try it later bro give you feedback tomorrow :heart_eyes: thanks for another vpn that will help a lot for players experiencing connection lost in the arena

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I use protonvpn because it was the best vpn imo for privacy apart from Tor the same reason i use protonmail. I also need vpn to even play dq online since dq seems to be blocked by my isp router settings that I canโ€™t change from parental controls, due to not knowing the password of it. But vpn gets past that easily so no issues in general.