Introducing a new member of the Shiny Box Team:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make a quick post (yeah I know its been a while!) to introduce a new member of the Shiny Box team that you lovely folks will be seeing a lot of!

Everyone say "Hi @MiguelBox "

We worked with in a previous life when he was a crazy amazing member of our QA team on stuff like RockBand, CoD, and a few games that never got released! We are very excited/happy/thankful/awestruck to be able to grow our team at SB with @MiguelBox positivity and passion around all things gaming and gaming culture!

Post working with us the next stop on the @MiguelBox journey was at another games publisher here in Houston as a member of their QA dept then community relations and production as well.

Here at SB expect @MiguelBox to wear about 3-million hats like the rest of us, but primarily @MiguelBox will take the reigns take on duties that I have been woefully deficient in filling over the last few (like 8…let’s be honest) months.

  1. Our point of contact for all things community related (that’s you folks)
  2. Internally managing day to day production/management duties for all our game(s) work.

A few ground rules:
Be nice…DQ1 is a huge freaking game with years and years of bugs under its belt! Don’t expect @MiguelBox to be godlike in knowledge about DQ1.

If @MiguelBox is slow to get back to a post remember…I am probably the bottle neck here. I will be imparting what little knowledge I have about how the DQ1 machine works and that will probably mean @MiguelBox will have to come to me for help in answering stuff. You all know how slow I am so cut @MiguelBox some slack :slight_smile:

We excited to show you all what @SteigerBox has been toiling away but even more excited that @MiguelBox is on our team!!

Thanks for being an awesome community and for hanging in there with us as we get our “:poop: in a pile”… 2020 should be a fun time!!!

*edited to fix my terrible copy pasta


haha, we will welcome him properly when he gets a Forum account! :smiling_imp: . like everyone new to the Forums, it takes time to learn what is here, and am sure he is playing DQ 1 hour a week to at least become a little familiarized with the game and what players are talking about or want to know about.

MiguelBox@ welcome to DQ Forums, we will do our best to not scare you away :smiling_imp: .

:exploding_head: :scream_cat: looks like update news is getting closer, can’t wait to see what there is to see :microscope: :telescope: :eyes: :newspaper: .

Edit: Welcome to DQ Forums @MiguelBox .


Welcome! I’m relatively new to this game, but it’s definitely my style! Excited to see what’s to come.


Thanks for the warm welcome! :smiley:

Beyond happy to be here and I look forward to getting more familiar with the community!

I appreciate it @Golem! Haha, I’m sure it’ll be just fine! :sunglasses:


Welcome on the forums.


MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…welcome to the thunder dome

Its all Goo_NOOOOO

…ps I am sure that woodland creature is just fine…the .gif doesn’t show the part where it walks out of the woods…


Ah, yeah… I’m sure it does…


Welcome to the forum and team @MiguelBox . Looking forward to working with you.

Get prepared for Ludicrous Speed :scream:




Gonna be bck my teacher.:grinning:


Not certain at this time. My focus has been on testing for a while now. You will enjoy the upcoming patch. :+1:


I’m feeling the excitement! :boom:


Hi, guy. :sunglasses:


Welcome so update soon lol

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Welcome to the crazy world of DQ1 @MiguelBox :sunglasses: Sorry for the late greeting but my neighbour turned his internet off while on holiday and so I couldn’t hijack it! He is aware I do and gets a financial thank you :grinning: 2020 is revving up to a great year for us game nerds.


Welcome back @Mr_Scooty :ghost:

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Welcome to the DQ Forums MiguelBox.
Nice to see you around Mr. Scooty.


To all of you!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Expect to see me around more and more. :smiley:


Big, that is a good movie.


I’m not a Tom Hanks fan but Forrest Gump was one great movie. Very tragic really. Gump is oblivious to the events going on around him while the audience are. He has a child with his childhood sweetheart who then dies of some illness. But the audience is aware it is probably HIV given the time line. And that both Forrest and the child would be infected too. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never which your going to get.”

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