Inventory Bug


I was playing with my lvl 72 wizard and hired my level 13 warrior.
Warrior died just a moment before I clicked on the ‘next level’.
As a result, in the level after that, I didn’t have my hired warrior as a teammate, my wizard was dressing my warrior’s armor and I got warrior’s inventory instead of wizard one.
Now I have a level 72 wizard with a level 7 armor and only swords etc in inventory instead of my epic items :stuck_out_tongue:
My hired warrior’s inventory and equipment are intact.

I sold items in inventory and continued playing just like nothing happened.

It was funny, but I think I wouldn’t like to get that bug again…

PS: I didn’t notice the level 7 armor up until today. Now I understand the reason I was dying so much yesterday…lol!

Hey Noir, thank you for reporting this!

We’re looking into to why this could happen, a few other players have reported it as well.

In the meantime, make sure you upload your character information to the account system, just in case. That way, we can also easily fix anything awful that happens. :smile: