Inventory Bugged

Please help me. i think my inventory is bugged becausei currently used wizard and warrior on farming build and i didnt use rogue, After that i switched my Characters back to Warrior and Rogue and i cant find my 4 eternal maps, Item Legends and all is left is an item that duplicated from Warrior.

I have hunter ring on Warrior now i have another hunter ring on rogue too but i didnt create one.
I have 3 Elixer on warrior and also on rogue too. Its a bit complicated but i think the items on warrior is duplicated on rogue too. But the items i currently used in rogue are still used.

Please help me get my Eternal Maps back, just my eternal maps and Ultra rare crystals, i dont care about ultra rare mythstone. just want them to get back. :sob: Will Somebody give me a suggestion on how to retrieve them.

I played DQ and i think its my whole new world of game. But this problems really broke my heart </3

Im afraid of downloading the game progress in DQ Cloud because my currently progress build will be gone.

Email support at to get help :smile:

I dont know how to reply on support

You must Email them

Aww… i dont know how :sob:

Is there another way ?

if you click on what I posted it should open an email app for you :smile:

i already clicked but nothing showed up.

PM @tdaniel he should be able to help you

Oh i had this issue too but it’s still there i guess. I checked with support many times but it still wasn’t solved yet. But i noticed that the duplicate Inventory thing also happens if you lag a bit more than usual. Luckily i only have this monthly instead of every single day like I used to. That being said, I’ll check one more time with Tdaniel.

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I am traveling today so I will not have as great access to the interwebs…I will contact ya when I get back to HQ.

I am using huge lag build,what a bad news :scream:

Thank you @tdaniel .