IOS controller

Is there a controller that works properly with IOS?
I have searched the forms all I have found his people complaining about the are R3 button is there none that will work?

I am playing on my iPad using the lighting digital AV adapter so I could play the game on my tv if I can find a controller that will work

Hi Matt,

I use the Steelseries controllers when I test control builds on iOS (both iphone ipade and apple tv).

I am a huge tech head myself and I love gadgets…SteelSeries makes GOOD gadgets but they are also expensive which is the only drawback I can say about them.

They are MFI (which is an Apple branding term which means Made for iOS) This means they are fully supported by the latest version of Xcode and are fully compatible and supported by apple for use with their hardware.

There are others, but I have not tested with them. I have only used MOGA and Steelseries MFI devices in my tests for patch releases.

I hope this helps! (if you are in the US best buy has a steelseries controller on the “cheap” right now for $45 usd) Not cheap IMO…but also not the 79.99 price tag it came out at.

So Tdaniel your saying that the Steel series nimbus Will work correctly and there will not be a problem with the hireling inventory Control Because in the past you could not access the hirelings inventory . So is this now fixed if so I have no problem buying that controller

I know it is fixed on Apple TV for sure but I will also check it on iPad. I will be in the office tomorrow and I will check it again to make double sure!

That would be awesome thank you

here ya go!

Its called a steelseries Nimbus

Also, you press left on the dpad not R3 like i said earlier. iOS controllers don’t have an “R3” or a button that clicks when you press down on the right stick.

iOS controller support

Thank you so much Amazon here I come

they also have one called the SteelSeries Stratus XL for iOS.

I don’t have this one to test with but it is large than the nimbus and has a more “console” controller feel if you have large hands.

Should function the same