IOS to Android IAP Bug

I wanted to put it out here as a bug report:

Playing on IOS for a week now (im loving it truly) im a 97 rogue at the moment.
I checked the forums and i saw android and it was first on patch 2.0 so i went from playing on ios to my android phone.

when i transferred though, all my vanity purchases and my (all map reveal) was not transferred, even gold vanity items purchased are not transferred.

note: i tried the restore purchases button and it didnt work.

I emailed support and boy was there great support for this game. i got a reply in a few minutes and we exchanged emails and they saw that it wasn’t transferred properly.

solution was to wait for IOS and download my latest game from there and re upload from IOS.

Not sure if this will work since ios version is still pending.

But i wanted to put it out there so this bug could be fixed.


We have a fix for this issue coming out tonight in the form of an update. This will take care of it on the android side, there will be a patch necessary for the iOS version as well.

Thanks for the heads up!

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