Ipad 2, game completely broken after 1.4.4 patch


I play on a Ipad 2 with ios 6.1.6

My game won’t work. Every time I try to start a game by pressing “play” game crashes and closes.

How it happened:

  1. decided to register. but it said I had to download the newest version to do so.
  2. Downloaded the newest version
  3. Noticed that I could not authenticate when I tried to log in, but bugs was announced so whatever
  4. Bought an extra slot to start playing as a mage
  5. tried to start game as mage, crash. tried to start game as warrior, crash
  6. restart ipad, restart game. still crash
  7. Reinstalled game and ipad. Pressed restore purchase. Got my 2 slots back but both my heroes are gone
  8. tried to make a new one and start game, but crash to home screen every time

So, spending more money on this game, registering and updating caused me to lose all my progress and completely brake my game making it unplayable.

My email is: knutstie@gmail.com

Any advise?

Hey Knutsie! Sorry for the problems. We know exactly what’s going on and have a fix coming in the next few days ( patch is in Apple review right now ).

Basically, Game Center is causing the game to crash on devices running iOS 6.

When you mentioned “Noticed that I could not authenticate”, does that mean you never got your verification email for DQ Account?

I managed to authenticate after I got the email resent again. Now I can log in, but lost my lvl 75ish warrior. Any way I can get him back? If not, no biggie. I would be nice though!

I still can’t play. Crashes every time still.