Is %100 damage reduction (aka: invincibity) possible?

hi folks i hope you are having a good day . while farming i had this question in my mind dodge and block prevents enemy damage and when i looked at stats page i saw %60 limit for both… so if i have 2 crystal block and dodge affixes that fills up the %100 threshold will i be invulnerable?

this isn’t how probability works. but it’s possible with 100% dodge (50% dodge + stealth), 100% block (there’s one example on this forum) or 100% hyper armor. these are only I know


No, imagin it liek this 60% dodge means that the enemy has a 40% chance to hit me… same for block so if they have to pass my dodge then break my block, thats a 40%x40% chance to hit me so with 60% block and 60% dodge my chance to be hit is 16% (0.4*0.4=0.16)

I thought that if you had 60 percent block and 60 per cent dodge it meant that you dodged 60 percent of the time and you blocked 60 percent of the 40 percent failed dodges. :hushed: So your chance of receiving a blow 16 in every 100 attacks. :neutral_face::confused:

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If i apply epiphany then i can have more that 60% block & dodge… eg
No epiphany 60% cap, 16% chance to be hit
Epiphany (1) 63% cap, 13.69%
Epiphany (2) 66% cap, 11.56%
Epiphany (3) 69% cap, 9.61%
Epiphany (4) 72% cap, 7.84%
Epiphany (5) 75% cap, 6.25% most settle for this…
Epiphany (6) 78% cap, 4.84%
Epiphany (7) 81% cap, 3.61%
Epiphany (8) 84% cap, 2.56% chance to be hit

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You can use Sanctuary Mythic if you want to add survival.

Not efficient. Will use lot of slot.

you know its kinda unfair when warrior and rogue can get invulnerable with the right build and with their skills by just spamming and poor wizards need to hit an enemy to get %100 hyper armor when a fury meteor comes down to your head or a malum spawn sneak behind you and one shots you you cant play without thinking that wizard is infereior :disappointed_relieved:

100% hyper armour is also op. You just need a skill that has no cd in order to meet the requirements for 100% damage reduction. Whirlwind and knightscharge for warrior. Guidedshot and ricochet for rogue. Comet and barrage for wizard. Try those and u will see amazing results. Just spam skills and it doesnt need to hit the enemy in order to receive 100% dr

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then there is one thing left to do we have invincible warrior and rogue builds can you create a guide for that %100 hyper armor build? i would love to see invincible trio complete :smile: btw how long does hyper armor lasts ? i dont want my fingers aching in pain from spamming skills in order to keep the effect intact :unamused: edit:sorry for not taking cmdq2017 build into considiration his build is taking too much time for decent players i just want something easier :pensive:

Im sorry i dont have that build anymore. Its just an experiment together with other user here in the forum. Hyper armor doesnt have cd. It will activate as long as you are continuously attacking. So you need skills that have 0 cd. Knightscharge and whirlwind are the best skills to be used since you can move while you are attacking at the same time.

Search here in the forum about hyper armor then choose the discussion thread of @MpKTO

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