Is Apocalypse working?

In 1.7, I tried apocalypse in my summoner build. Since the furies never appeared, except when using trickster, I replaced it with bombard. Today I got an ethereal wand and added apocalypse to it since the legend affix is finally working, and surprise! No furies at all. Meteors fall, dust raises, but no furies are dancing. It’s just me?

You do realize there is a topic on this very issue just below righ? It even says Summon Fury on the title.

Summon fury is a legendary affix with very low chance. Apocalypse is a mythic with 30% chance which is supposed to summon three furies the same way the enemy ones appear, like a meteor. The meteors fall, but the furies don’t raise. Do you realize it’s a vastly different issue?

I do now! I honestly thought you were talking about some Wiz legend that I have no clue about. XD My bad. Thank you for your patience.

Up! Any words on this?

I have also experienced some issues with Apocalypse, and just as some background:
I am playing on a Kindle Fire HDX, as a rogue, and I have a level 88 Apocalypse Dagger. The issue I am experiencing is that when I use Calcite to change the element, I get varied results. When the element is Fire or Ice, the meteor spawns, drops, does damage, but no furies ever spawn. If the element is Arcane, Poison, or Shock, the proc appears to function as it is supposed to.
Furthermore, when I have a chance to cast another element, such as when I have an ascendant set piece, the meteor changes element, as does the explosion, but the fury that is spawned after the meteor always takes the element of the weapon, regardless of the meteor element, which means I have never spawned a fire or ice fury by using Apocalypse.

We’re looking into it :smile:

I have noticed that if you change the element it may work. Mine did not work with fire or ice but I got furies with all the others

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