Is Arcanist(arcane debuff) acivable/good without Asendent


Afaik it doesn’t work without the Arcane DoT from Ascendent.

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Is there a way to stop the elemental change from ascendent ?

Sadly no :wink: less Set Skills give you less other elements… But you don’t want that for your other sets. You can however place Ascendent on your hireling and don’t use it on your main.

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thats what im doing but im worryed how my main toon elements will work.

crushing flames/electrocution main toon
guess i will just stack weaken on my support hiering its prity much the same right ?

Quick mildly off topic question here, is ignore resist still a thing? And wont that do everything your trying to achieve here in one affix?

Good question, you might need to ask @Clogon for that. I suspect you’ll need Weaken on your main. Simply try it out :slight_smile:.


Ill read this when i get home, much appreciated ^.^

Use Wrath from warrior hirling for pure arcane Debuff for Arcanist without other elements in the way or iceburn hirling wizard.

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