Is Crystalline rollable on Amethyst for Wizard items?

So i’m trying to make a mixed dps+farm toon. I’ve read some guides and saw the other builds for it. I’ve decided to go for Sets of:

  • Crushing Flames (3)
  • Epiphany (1)
  • Crystalline (1)
  • any dps Set

I have 2x +2 Set Numbers+ affix/mythstone already and I’ve used some Amethyst on my other item’s Set hoping for Crystalline to come out, replace my Adventurer on OH or Epiphany on Ring, but it hasn’t yet so i’m asking here. TIA

My current Wizard items are as follow:
Main Weap: Arson - Crushing Flames
Offhand: Hunger Trap(skullshield) - Adventurer
Chest: Firestorm - Crushing Flames + Bonus
Head: Apex of E - Epiphany + Bonus
Ring: Loop of E - Epiphany
Amulet: Fright Choker - Crushing Flames

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STOP!!! here’s a post that will help with using Crystals.

to answer your question, Crystalline Set can’t be rolled with Amethyst on any Item of any Class. so you would have to use an Item with Crystalline Set on it.

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That’s unfortunate. Do you think going for Glinting Slicer which has Crystalline set is a good alternative and roll for Crushing Flames on my OH/Ring? Kinda sad since i’m sort of getting used to Comet primary attack of Staff :sweat_smile:

Personally, I haven’t used Wizard Sword much, because I like using Staff & Gauntlet (mostly for damage, and I like Comets, too!). if I did use Sword, I would focus on using Orb Skill with Reactor Set, with Pierce Skill or some other Skill on OH for a support attack.

if you really don’t want to give up using your Staff, you need to change your Build to have a Crystalline Head instead of the Apex of Epiphany. if you’re willing to give up the Staff to keep the Epiphany Head, you might think of changing the Adventurer Set to Spell Sword. this will allow you to use Comet on the Sword. the base APS for Staff is 1.75 and for Sword is 2. just make sure you have an Epic +100% Weapon Damage on the Sword (if your Power Stat is at 60 or higher).

Spell Sword either needs to be found on Warrior or Rogue Items as Loot and then Jaspered to Wizard, or can be rolled with Amethyst onto a Warrior Item and then Jaspered back to Wizard. or Wizard to Warrior to Wizard if you are starting with a Wizard Item.

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Perhaps i’ll have to give up the Apex of Epiphany for that Crystalline Head. I really like my staff :lenny: . The Apex Head I got was a dropped one and has a 45% APS. I was really happy when it dropped, too soon. To stash it goes. Or maybe I can use it on my hireling? I have 2 Wizards since i haven’t tried the other classes yet.

I searched Spell Sword but i switched my Meteor to Storm to Twister. I’m liking Twister at the moment and probably will stay like that. Anyway, what’s a good other build for Wizard that would complement my main toon? Cause as of right now, i just put defensive affixes on my hireling for survivability and some luck and item drops affixes to reach 1012% luck and 350% cap.

Thank you for this btw. Saved me a lot of crystals!!

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I’m actually not good with Hirelings. at the moment, I am Ascending a Rogue & Warrior for all 6 Perks (getting close to 6th Perk), and plan to have fun testing Main & Hireling combo’s. everything else I know is from reading the DQ Forum, the Codex, or playing with my Wizard.

one bad thing about using Spell Sword, is that you can only use Meteor for Special Skill. on the other hand, if you have a spare space on your Build, put a +25% Twister Proc. the down side of Twister Proc with a Comet Build, you need Attack Speed & Cool Down. without CD, Twister will only Proc every 5 seconds, when it Procs. Twister Skill Points give +1% Cool Down per Rank. so Twister 20 would let you Proc a Twister as fast as every 4 seconds. Twister 20 with Dexterity 20 (+10% CD), every 3.6 seconds.

glad to help with the Crystals. spent a lot in my early days before I learned what to use from the Forums. will have to relearn when I really start Crafting Warrior & Rogue Builds. :crying_cat_face: