Is high voltage worth it?

is high voltage worth it? after learning that you cant always paralyze enemies too long (i have 90% elemental crit chance) i wont have that % dmg boost when continuously attacking

why not change the requirement of crit dmg to
while enemies have shock stacks (for lightning element)
and slowed (for its ice counterpart)?

DoTs are great for attacks that deal massive dmg on slow initial hits (if thats how dots in this game works) but not good for small and fast attacks

also looking at other topics (most of them years old)
how are people reaching millions of DPS on their stat page? i almost have acquired similar affixes already and so far my flurry is 64m

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the older the Posts, the more changes that there have been as the Dev’s balanced the game mechanics. millions DPS isn’t too hard, it’s the billions DPS that has gotten harder.

High Voltage & Frostbiting do the same thing, but Frostbiting is better because you can Freeze Worms & Malums, but you can’t Paralyze them. when i do a Prismatic or Ascendant Build, i usually use Frostbiting, as Ice doesn’t have a damage booster, and the Shock Stacks still apply for more damage.

Warrior & Rogue both do lots of damage, and they also have +100% Block Builds (Warrior) and Permastealth Builds (Rogue). Wizard has a Talent (Sorcery) that increase the damage of Fire & Poison DoT, and maybe increases the effectiveness of Shock & Ice (it’s in a really old Post by one of the Dev’s), and another Talent (Fester) that increases the duration of an Elements DoT while speeding up the DoT of Fire & Poison (not sure how this works for the other 3 Elements). if done right, Wizard should be able to out damage the other 2 Classes at the expense of defense.