Is hunter ring even important after you get the nadroji items?

Title. Dunno if I’m wasting my time making them.

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You can opt to make them if you plan on getting the hunter ascension very late in the game. Having the ring makes up less options to think about when choosing your ascension perks and i dont think it is a bad invenstment since you can later on give it to your new hero whenever the time comes.

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Thanks for the reply!

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it all depends on what Build you are using.

Hunter Ring does the same thing as the Hunter Perk, and they don’t stack.

Hunter Ring is good to get an early start on summoning Epic Guardians to the Shrines when you activate them. this allows you get other Perks instead. Hunter also allows you to finish the Defeat Epic+ Monster Feats faster for their rewards, meaning the Epic Item for defeating the Mythic Monster. not to mention more loot & experience for killing more Epic+ monsters. this makes Hunter (Ring) useful only for Ascending & Farming Builds. when you need some other Ring Mythic, you need to make another Ring, which means switching them every time you activate a Shrine, or getting the Hunter Perk eventually.

I think you are also comparing the Hunter to the Nadroji Bonus? Hunter Ring/Perk summons +1-3 Epic Guardians when you activate a Shrine/Pool. Nadroji Bonus increases the chance by +100% of Magic (Blue) & Rare (Yellow) monsters appearing. although this is different from Hunter, it does the same thing in summoning stronger monsters that drop more loot & give more experience. and the Bonus is usually only good for Ascending & Farming Builds.

if not, there are other powerful items that can only be found when defeating Epic+ monsters, just take a look in the LegendEx to find the requirements for finding Items. of course, you could also use Dust to just purchase a Legend/Eternal Item.


Nadroji increases Ultra Rare legend drop chance which typically drop from “Powerful Enemies”. Mainly Epic enemies along with the Legend and Mythic that spawn from a feat.

So Nadroji and Hunter is a good idea. Ring if you don’t have perk. Also Nadroji itself is a rare legend so One Nadroji= higher chance for more. Perk saves time and more convenient but it’s easy to hold until later ascension.

The bonus only affects Normal enemies to magic or rare. It won’t upgrade rare to Epic enemies however but it works like 100%+ Magic and Rare enemies on a map.