Is it better to have armor with a high AR or affixes?

Is AR more important than affixes? And what does DPS mean for a wizard on the offhand item…

  1. It depends on build.
  2. It means the same thing for any class. It is the DPS of your Offhand skills.

Yeah for about 6 days of playing I understand the game a whole lot more now. I just didn’t think about the fact that there had to be stats to determine my teleport damage my mana shield reflective damage my skull Shield damage and my summoned creature. In most games thats determined by the strength of a spell. thanks a bunch now I’m about to try to get me some of this mystic gear or what eva it is!

Check out this guide:

It will answer a question of yours at some point or another.

It is determined by the strength of the spell (all spells have a damage mod) but it also depends on the weapon. In most games, you only wield one weapon. In this game, everyone dual wields.