Is it normal for nothing to drop?

I’ve reached lev 79, playing rogue and for the last 20ish floors i’ve not got a thing. I use a imp, he eats everything up, but is not giving anything back…
The only place i stil get items (1 or 2) is when i play the maps…
Oh and the options is set to legend+

I’m new so… i’m not sure is this is a bug.

I’ve also increased the difficulty until mythic 1 but don’t see any changes. tya

Imp: this pet picks up anything lower than your pick up options and converts every 5 of 1 tier item to the next tier item. since you have yours set to Legend+, your Imp is converting every 5 Normal to 1 Magic, 5 Magic to 1 Rare, 5 Rare to 1 Epic, and 5 Epic to 1 Legend. if your Luck is low, you will be getting a lot of low tier items, and it will take awhile before you get a Legend item. so it would take 500 Normal items to get a Legend. also, the lower floors drop lower tier items more often than the higher tier items, I believe. regular maps will have lower drop rates than the Challenge Maps, and a higher Item Drop Rate will mean more items for the Imp to convert, so you will get Legends more often.
try changing your setting to Epic+, that way the Imp will eventually give you Epic items, with a chance for Legend items.
selling items you pick up is a big way for getting gold in the game, so you need to be careful with the Imp, or you could end up running out of gold, or not having enough. on the other hand, you don’t need to worry about having to deal with the low tier items, and Epic items can be good for crafting or selling for gold. also, when the Imp converts items, sometimes it will drop some gold and orbs.

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Ok, that helped, i didn’t knew that: “every 5 Normal to 1 Magic, 5 Magic to 1 Rare, 5 Rare to 1 Epic, and 5 Epic to 1 Legend.” :relieved: I will change my options for Epic+ then !

So i should try to do every challenge map that drops? It’s easier to get items there?

Thank you @Golem

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well, normal maps (Floors 1-200) get more difficult as you know. and then there is the Boss every fifth floor. as your Toon gets more powerful, it gets easier to loot items from monsters.
Challenge Maps of any floor are more difficult versions of the same floor, and can go over floor 200. although you get more loot from these maps, Challenge Maps have Map Affixes (look in Codex > Dictionary > Map) up to 6 affixes. only 6 of them are beneficial to players (they increase loot drops), and they are only found on Legend/Eternal Challenge Maps. all the other map affixes make things more difficult for players in some way. there are also Monster Affixes (Codex > Dictionary > Enemy Affix). monsters on any kind of map can have these. the higher the tier of the monster, the more affixes they might have individually, up to 6 on a Legend or Mythic Tier Monster. one of the map affixes increases the number of affixes a monster might have by 1 or 2 (Enemy Affix). only 2 of the monster affixes are beneficial to players, a 100% experience boost for that monster (Experienced), or a 200% boost to items dropped from that monster (Gracious). the rest make the monsters more annoying. on pack size maps, if a monster with affixe(s) is affected by pack size, all the monsters spawned from the base monster will all have the same affix. (from what I have observed).
basically, if you have a Normal Floor 80 Map and a Challenge Floor 80 Map, you should notice a difference in loot drops and difficulty playing the map.
if your Toon has a good set of gear equipped, the difference shouldn’t be much of a problem. if not, it is a good way to learn what works and what doesn’t when you craft your items. hmm, now I am having flashbacks from when I was a Noob.

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