Is it normal to not get the Orb affix in ~50 Sapphire rerolls?

Starting to think maybe that Orb affix isn’t available in 3.0 as the guide I was reading is a little old… trying to craft the Zeus from How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]

Is the item set to wizard class? Talents for sure need to be set to the right class, not sure about skills.

And 50 rolls seems to be within RNG. I think there are more than 50 orange affixes and some affixes pop more often then others (i.e. All the crystal possible affixes).

Yes it’s set to wizard, I guess I will keep grinding :frowning: oh well I got a good plagued ring in the mean time

Also remember you can use an Angelite to add a random rare or epic affix and then use sapphires to randomly roll an epic to a random new epic affix. Cheaper option then using topaz

Yeh I already have, all I need now is the orb bonus. I just looted another Zeus which is already level 98 versus my 66 near complete. Am I gonna have a lot of trouble rerolling the level to 100?

It’s so weird because the first affix reroll only took 2 or 3 sapphires and it seems like it just goes between the same 4 affixes endlessly for the second one…

Okay so I didn’t realise I could also convert other crystals… Took about 150 attempts but I got Ord finally. Refilled twice to item level 98… Then 5 mins later got a level 100 Zeus with 99% bonus damage lol

RNG troll. Congrats for finally getting orb. RNG won’t let me get orb on pet tho as Hero Point epic affixes on pet affect any class skill so if I had CV build, torrent pet great for any class.

You can increase the level and item quality of items with crystals

Peridot for item level and then the 1% item quality for the stats?

Emerald to raise quality level to 25% and peridot to raise item level to 100. Can do this for legends but not eternals. This will make it easier to get max rolls on affixes.

If I have a CV ring with +Torrent, will +Torrent work as I’m a Wiz not a Warrior ?

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Ok thanks, so one green should be enough :smile:

RNG troll