Is it possible for an amulet and ring to both have a +2 all sets and be socketed with elixer?


I am quite a new player and I am starting to craft my own items, and I don’t want any of my hard earned crystals and mythstones go to waste lol So, if anyone knows if it is possible let me know guys :slight_smile: Thank you!


Yes :sunglasses:


Which is why legend jewelry with 2 all sets and socketed with an elixir stone can be useful making a build .


Thanks mate! I was thinking of this for a long time because most of the builds I have seen from pvp they either only have 1 +2 all sets or elixer that is socketed to the ring and amulet


If it is possible, then it is possible to have a +9 set affix?


If all your items where one set that would give you six. The max all sets would give you four more. And if you had a pet with the affix then you would get one more but I wouldn’t bother lol!


8 is the max for Sets. so if you had Momentum on all six of your items and your Pet, and had a +2 All Sets on your Ring, that would be +9, but since the cap is 8, +1 is wasted and you only have Momentum (8) not (9).

in the early game, you are forced to use multiples of the same Set until you find +All Sets.

most players just have seven Sets all Rank (5) each (including a Pet with a Set affix). some players might go with a higher Set Rank, but then you have fewer Sets on your items. +All Sets is capped at +4, so it is possible to have a build with only two Sets, one with (8) and the other with (7).


Hahaha was foolish enough to think that those affixes would stack lol Anyway thank you guys it really is a great help :slight_smile: It feels good that someone would actually reply to my question :slight_smile:


they do stack, sort of. if you had an Eternal Nadriji Ring with a +4 All Sets (affixes on Eternal Items are doubled), that would save you space on another item. if you had a Legend Nadroji Ring with +2 All Sets (Legend) and put a +2 All Sets (Elixir - Myth Stone) on the same Ring, you still get +4 on the same item, but now it took 2 spaces.

you can do this with other Affixes/Myth Stone that are the same. but the affix has to be on the item first. if you put the Myth Stone first (Attack Speed for example) you can’t roll the affix with a Crystal on the same item.

now if you wanted a Crystal and an Epic Attack Speed affix on the same item, you would get the one you put on first, but never roll the other one. but if your build needed 2 Attack Speed on the same item, then you would put the affix you wanted on the item first, then the Myth Stone with the same affix second.


Apart from the seven deadly sins set i cannot imagine why anyone would stack a set bonus to high heaven. So don’t do it. 5 to all sets is cool.:slight_smile:


I was thinking of a Crushing Flames (8) build, but the other 3 Sets would need careful consideration. or maybe Crushing Flames (8) and Demonic (7). :imp: :smiling_imp:


On yes crushing flames. I use a crushing flames build. I stand corrected. Hmmmm demonic ? Will check it out. Still got one more character to build. And it’s a sinister idea I have. Truly summons from hell (if it works)


well, now that I think about it, Demonic (5) is good enough in this situation with Crushing Flames (8). Demonic (7) only gives you +140% DMG when enemy HP is at 25% or lower. using 2 other Sets can get you a lot more DMG than the extra +40% you get with Demonic (7), which would actually make Demonic even more effective when the enemy HP gets down to 25%.


Lol conundrums