Is it really an intention to not rollback using cloudsaving?

returning player here. I’ve been taught about this since 2016 but like i can use cloudsaving to rollback right? if yes, then do i really need to clear data on my app rather than simply upload then download?

are you talking about the Patch 3.0 three hour wait for uploat/download?

oh so that’s why😂 I’m using cloudsaving to roll crystal affixes i thought I can’t download my data and I’m banned

no, in the Patch 3.0 thread, it’s mentioned by the Dev’s & Mod’s that it wasn’t their intention to allow ‘rolling crystals’ like that because that’s what farming is for… to get enough crystals to Craft with.

unless you like waiting 3 hours a pop until you get the crystal roll you want… but wouldn’t you like to play DQ instead of watching the clock count down 3 hours every 3 hours?