Is my bow is good? my damage is only 50K. please help

Please help. My damage is only 50K. How can I make this more dmg like million or B…

Your bow itself is good, try getting nadroji amulet and ring, also make the rest of your gear better to buff damage

Im newbie. Btw whats nadroji amulet and ring?. Can u show me pic?. Thanks.

Its very rare but super useful

Honestly you should be doing around 1 mil on crits? You have pretty good gear

Its just the name of the affix, ( gives a 12.5% chance to find extremely rare legends ) but the +2 set numbers is amazing :slight_smile:

If you crit over 9mil whats the problem? And i feel like you are trolling lol

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Prob was it shows I got 50K damage only. And I cant fight on higher floor because or my damage. Sorry for asking many question… I saw earlier a rogue damage like 50m and higher.

Please check my items. If its good. Or any suggestion to make it better.

Try going for nadroji
Try finding a vacuus scorpio
Try getting a different robe

Multi attack can only stack twice =4.
+4 multi att is cap

Why use sureshot when u have 2 crystal affix crit chance?
Why your oh use Weapon damage? when u not use ambush talent (chance to set trap on impact thing)
Why wasting 3 slot affix for multi attack? multi attack cap is 4. and u already over by 6 (3 affix)

@mimi The plus 2 set# is use to boost green affix. The higher the set # on a green affix the better. Green affix cap at set#(7) but (5) is all you need, and you can only use 2(plus 2 set#) .
And if you use +5skills its cap at 2 affix…

And I don’t think extra attack chances works with guided shit, if thats the spell you are using

it work lol. not like 1.8 it release arrow in con.

Ver2.0 it release arrow in single line.

Shot*^ :blush:

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