Is the drop rate of pet Slime so low?

You need both characters to have good amount of luck. If you add luck on your main and it doesn’t increase, add more luck on hireling and it will increase. The cap is 1012 with epiphany 5 and the ascension.

Thanks Msiiek I was going to say the same. I have epiphany on both tools x5 and the ascension. I was following the fortune bringer build for a guide to boost both stats. The only boost your hireling can add is from the orange affixes and fortune and not from crystal affixes. Something to do with averaging across both toons. There’s so much info on these forums. I hope I got it right. But I do need to boost my eternal find %. Mines only at 300% so need eternal is ed set affix. How did you get it to 700 roykiyoy?

300 from ascension and 400 from eternalized 8 set (50 per rank)

Ah thankyou msilek

@Gromsch63 @Msiiek ok tnx for the info guys … thats why i thought luck on my main would be sufficient alone. is der exact luck needed for hireling in order to cap 1012% luck overall? since my main is already on max luck.

Check this build out roykiyoy.

It has a lot of info on farming etc and is what I used as a reference for luck and gold find when using 2 toons.
Hope it helps

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I got one on my second Enslayer.i think its not that low.

it has a random chance to get one

You need epiphany (5) on both characters in order to increase the cap to 1012% luck. I needed to get epiphany on both characters to get 350% item drops because if only 1 character got epiphany, i would only get 325% item drops, as well as the 931% luck. Since both of these farming affixes get averaged between the two characters, I guess that’s why the caps don’t fully increase by 25% until I have epiphany on both gears. I think it’s probably intended though.

Hope that helps :blush:

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Still no luck with seeing a slime drop at all. Max luck. Even paid for a boost and not 1 slime. RNG gods hate me im sure

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I had already completed 2 “Kill 200 Enslavers” quests and both rewards were slimes. RNG gods hate me too, because I need normal legend pet with normal affix like Momentum, Defiant or Fauns gifts. I dont know why you care for slimes so much because only thing they do is that they change your element to other so I think it lowers your dmg output if you have your build concentrated on only 1 element.

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you guys are hardcore … im jealous

when i started playing this i received already one slime

Its just that i would lije to see one drop. Im chasing an eternal pet eventually. I always like to collect everything in a game. Its why i keep playing this one. Cant put it down. Easy to play. Harder to master. But fun when stuff drops that i need for a build. I rely on the gurus on these forums for the game mechanics and just like to enjoy the game. So many build options.

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yeah your right

Did you read the effect of the Element set?

“Elements - 7.5% per rank on cast to trigger the same spell for free with a different Element.”

Getting 7.5% chance to double cast a spell is an amazing effect.

What makes you think that changing an attack’s element affects its damage?


Oh, thank you very much! I thought it was the same effect as Prismatic, but now I see, thanks again :smile:

For exapmle if you have +100% Fire DMG then your fire attacks are 2x stronger than your poison attacks. So changing your attacks element affects its damage only if you have some +ED% or +ED or sets like Inferno or Permafrost.

ED+ and ED% boost damage based on the element of your weapon actually so the only requirement is that your weapon be the right element even if the element is a different one when the skill is actually cast so prismatic, ascendant, and elements don’t actual reduce damage! :smile:

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Wow! :open_mouth: This is so big! Thank you very much for claifying this issue.

Glad I could help out I used too think the same thing before I was told about it :smile: :+1: